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Exchange MVP is completely an Informative blogging Platform regarding Exchange Server issues or challenges and its solutions. Any Exchange Server Experts or MVPs can join us and start contribution of Articles. It is a pool of Exchange Server Information for those who are really passionate about Exchange server. Here you can find all kind of information regarding Exchange Server. Information could be basic for students and professionals. We are really curious about each and every information about Exchange Server.

The Purpose of ExchangeMVP is to deliver precise and easily understandable information for a beginner and Administrator of Microsoft Exchange Server. We understand the value of data and information therefore we deliver each information after some processes to achieve the best quality. We also try our best to maintain the quality of data technically, practically and grammatically.

ExchangeMVP Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to See ExchangeMVP as the world's most Informative website related to Exchange Server in Next Five Years. And our Mission is to connect as many as possible Exchange Experts & Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) for contribution of articles and sharing their experiences.

Mainstays of ExchangeMVP

ExchangeMVP is created by Tej Pratap Shukla (Tej) who have 7 Years of experience in the Arena of Exchange Server. The idea came in his mind when he was working in an Organization and resolving Exchange regarding client's issues. Therefore he had no time for management of ExchangeMVP. But Now two partners Rajhans Kumar (Raj) and Shini Mohan (Shini) have joined to Tej for participation. Raj and Shini have more than two years of Experience in the arena of Exchange Server Management and they have specialized skill to deal with Exchange Server challenges for resolving it.

ExchangeMVP blog discusses about troubleshooting of Exchange Server problems and provide solutions with practically performed images or videos. It mainly focuses on resolving Microsoft Exchange Server problems at professional level as well as students level. For providing accurate and the best solution, ExchangeMVP focuses to create a community for Microsoft Exchange Server Most Valuable Professionals and Experts.
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ExchangeMVP Ensures about following:

  • Accurate and Technical Content
  • Quick Reply for All Queries
  • Easily readable & understandable content
  • Reviewed Content by professionals
  • Interactive Platform for all Microsoft Exchange Professionals