Privacy Policy Of Exchange MVP

General Information

Exchange MVP is an independent information-sharing platform that is responsible for the content available at:

Privacy Statement

User privacy is fully respected at Exchange MVP blog therefore; we do not indulge in using any personal details provided by the user to the website ( in agreement with the Data Protection Act. This policy of privacy sets out the privacy measures undertaken at Exchange MVP. Please take out time to read and understand this privacy policy owing to the fact that it discusses how the personal details provided by a user/visitor are treated at Exchange MVP. If you have any advice in favor of improving our Privacy Policy, contact us using the provided information.

Information Collected

Exchange MVP does not practice the collection of user information except for the case when purposely provided by the respective individuals. Types of information collected at Exchange MVP include; name, user name, company, email address, password, phone number, and more such. The information collected, if any, is used for the following purposes:

  • Verification of user identity (for instances of logging on to the Exchange MVP blog)
  • Administer the user’s participation on discussions
  • Prefigure and resolve any problematic condition with solutions suggested
  • Market research and online survey purposes
  • Enable account registration, premium content access, and more
  • Providing newsletter as per requests

We might collect the personal details provided by a visitor via Exchange MVP Blog or collect this information on email and other communication modes. Some of the user particulars are also collected automatically which is described later in this privacy policy agreement.

Exchange MVP may also enquire you for other additional information to be provided. The provided information is used for providing better and straightaway assistance to particular user issues that is personalized according to shared preferences and requirements.

Although it is not necessary to share all particulars about yourself that is asked for, yet the more information is provided, the better assistance is provided accordingly.

  • Web servers of the website automatically log the IP address of visitors on the blog. The information is used for doing better administration of the website and collect demographics by calculating the number of visitors and their interests.
  • Personal information related to a visitor may or may not be collected which consists of the type of web browser being used. This kind of information does not reveal anything regarding your personal identity.
  • For tracking user around Exchange MVP Blog, a small text file called the Cookies is stored on the visitor’s machine. Session cookies are used for identifying and distinguishing users on an individual basis.

Exchange MVP maintains its user records up to date. In order to make changes to any of your personal information provided to Exchange MVP, you are requested to get in touch with us by using the provided Contact details on the blog.


Forums and comments section on Exchange MVP Blog are meant for public discussion purposes and share views or solution about the topic of discussion. Any/all the personal information shared by a visitor/user on this platform will be widely accessible on an international platform. Exchange MVP will not take responsibility for any content posted on the blog by the user.

Note: will not take responsibility for any content posted on the site by the user.

Share Your Consent

With the usage of Exchange MVP Blog site or by sharing with us your details (Personal or Otherwise), you show consent to its collection and further usage by Exchange MVP. In case of any changes in the policy agreement, we shall post the changes on this page to keep you updated with our norms. Keep visiting the privacy policy document on an alternate basis in order to remain updated with the changes.