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Tej Pratap Shukla | Modified: October 16, 2020 | Exchange, Migration | 4 Minutes Reading

Migrating Exchange data from one Exchange server to another platform is difficult. Exchange administrators can try manual methods to transfer data from Exchange Server to Exchange Online, but these manual methods are less reliable. As a result, Exchange administrators are interested in using this professional Exchange migration tool.

If you have similar requirements and want to transfer data from one platform to another, you can consider this tool to simplify the entire process. This Exchange mailbox migration tool comes with a trial version that you can download for free. So, you can download the demo version in Windows and try the following features for free.

Top Exchange Migration Tool Features – Complete Detail

1. Complete Migration – This is the only solution for users who want to transfer data from the Exchange to cloud platform. This software allows users to export emails, calendars, and contacts from their mailbox without losing any data.

2. Keep an Eye on Migration Task – When you start the transfer process with the Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration tool, you will see the progress of the task in real time. You can also track the mailboxes that are ported and the number of mailbox items that the software handles at the same time.

3. Migrate Concurrently – Many organizations have many user mailboxes available for migration, so this Exchange mailbox migration tool simplifies your work. This application supports simultaneous migration, which allows you to export up to 200 mailboxes at a time. To reach this number, you need to add 10 service accounts. This makes the migration task faster and more efficient.

4. Easy to Use – The purpose of creating this tool was to create a simple user interface. The user must have basic technical knowledge, and the user can perform the migration task independently. You do not need to install any external programs on your system to run this software.

Download this Exchange Migration Tool on Windows OS for Free

This utility can be run on Windows 10, Windows Server 2012/2016 by downloading it for free. A trial version of this tool will help you transfer data from only two user accounts.

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Commonly Asked Queries for Exchange Migration Tool

Q. What is the working guide of this Exchange Migration Tool?

A. The complete guide for Exchange mailbox migration is discussed below:

  • Free download Exchange migration tool and run on Windows OS.
  • Select Exchange as Source platform to initiate the process.
  • Enter Exchange Admin Credentials and destination platform details.
  • Choose and Map Source and Destination Users in the tool.
  • Click on Start Migration button for Exchange mailbox migration.

Q. Do I need an administrator account for my account to migrate with this tool?

A. Yes, you need the administrator data of the account from which you are exporting the data. It’s a secure and reliable Exchange migration tool that doesn’t store your data.

Q. How long does it take to transfer complete mailbox data to a target account?

A. It depends on the number of emails stored in your original account. If account A has 5,000 large emails and account has 50,000 small emails, the tool will move mailbox A faster than mailbox B.

Q. What if my Internet connection is lost during the process?

A. The Exchange mailbox Migration Tool will display an error message until you reconnect to the Internet. Then the export process will resume.

Author’s Suggestion

Because there are so many Exchange migration tools on the market today, choosing the right tool remains a challenge for many users. After several days of research, we found that this software is the perfect tool for migrating from Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. This utility offers an amazing feature set and various migration options to suit your requirements. You can try this software for free on Windows and then purchase the licensed version on the official website.