Our Exchange Server is Sending Spam Mails

Anuraag Singh | Published: July 18, 2016 | Exchange Server | 3 Minutes Reading

Many times exchange Admin see this issue that Exchange server is sending spam mails. Which is not a good thing for an exchange server. Because it increases the chance of getting blacklisted.
In this article we are going to discuss about my exchange server is sending out spam emails continuously. Exchange Server is Sending Spam Mails

How to know that your server is blacklisted

An exchange admin can identify this by identifying some different behaviors of exchange server. For Example: If there is a long list of Non Delivery Report Messages then you can assume that there is something wrong going on with your exchange server. You can also come to know by checking the sending Queue, where you will find a long list messages which have stuck in the queue.
After looking the above discussed behaviors of exchange server you must check that whether your exchange server is blacklisted or not. You can check it at www.debouncer.com website where you just need to enter IP address or Domain Name. There are many other sites too where you can check for blacklisted status.

Reason for Sending Spam Mails Automatically

The reason for sending spam mail automatically from your server is very simple that some other user or we can say any hacker who have entered into your server and accessing mailboxes and sending bulk mails simultaneously through a mailbox. The receiver of email have noticed these activities and submitted your IP address & domain name to blacklisted sites. There are many operators who manages their own database for blacklisted sites.

How to solve Exchange Server is Sending Spam Mails issue

If you find that your IP address or Domain Name is blacklisted then you should first find out why your exchange server is in blacklist and whatever the issue is fix that. clean the email queues and scan computer for any malware and viruses. Check all computer for virus in internal network because it can also be the cause of sending spam mails.
After performing some prerequisites the main task is to bring out the exchange server IP address and domain name from blacklist. Blacklists are maintained by different companies and operators so there are some procedures for all different operators for requesting removal of IP address from blacklist. Generally they maintain an online form which you have to fill and request for removal of exchange server’s IP Address and domain name from blacklist. But before submitting the removal request make sure that you have fixed the issues which had put the exchange server IP address into blacklist. Because if blacklist operator find the same issue again and again then they might block exchange server permanently.

Things to Save Exchange Server from Sending Spam Mails

There are following things which you can apply in exchange server and stop sending spam mails.

  • Apply filtration for Outgoing & Incoming emails
  • Install an antivirus in server as well as all internally connected machines


In this article we discussed about Exchange Server is Sending Spam Mails to outside networks and also discussed about getting off from a situation when an exchange server is blacklisted by operators. We also discussed about how we can prevent an exchange server from sending out spam mails and bulk emails continuously.