IP Address Conflict in Exchange Server 2010 DAG

Tej Pratap Shukla | Published: November 16, 2016 | DAG, Exchange Server, General Info | 2 Minutes Reading

In this article, we are going to discuss IP Address Conflict in Exchange Server 2010 DAG. As you might know, the IP address is a unique identifier, which provides the functionality of routing and enables email clients to exchange information via the server. On the other hand, Exchange is a product by Microsoft that hosts email communication. Exchange Server 2010 comprises of multiple IP addresses within it. These IP addresses are used to uniquely identify the machine connected to the server. However, a situation occurs in which two IP addresses are identical and therefore, it now becomes difficult to identify two servers or machines, separately. Such situation can be named as IP address conflicts.

Consequences Of IP Address Conflict

Earlier machines were not affected by the conflicts of IP address between them. When IP Address gets conflicted, both machines get connectivity with the server and this use to be the unreliable situation. But in modern operating systems, if a second machine is coming online with identical IP address on the server or a network then, users of the second computer will encounter one or the another error while working. This will allow the first (original) system to continue its functioning without any disruption and on the other hand, there will be a break in IP base communications for the second one.

Solution to Resolve IP Address Conflict Problem

While working with the Exchange server 2010, many of the users ask for a way to make static IP address using Exchange Management console window. Therefore, we are going to discuss the solution via EMC.
Well, when we are creating a Database Administrative Group (DAC) and adding at least one member on the server, you can open product page and then go to IP Addresses tab.

DAG - IP Address conflict
Under this tab, you can now add complete IP addresses for the respective administrative group.

DAG 1 Properties - IP Address Conflict


The blog describes the major consequences that may occur when there is the conflict between IP addresses. The solution for the same is described, which will easily resolve the IP address conflict problem.