Remove Database Availability Group Server from Exchange 2016

Shini Mohan | Published: November 9, 2016 | Exchange Server, General Info | 3 Minutes Reading

DAG (Database Availability Group) is a collection of about 16 server mailboxes, which form the base component of Exchange Server. It hosts databases by providing an automatic recovery of database-level if it all anything goes wrong with servers or databases.

Remove Database Availability Group Server
An operation of server recovery can be executed in a situation when the mailbox crashed, lost, or failed and even it is not recoverable. The recovery operation will demonstrate to be useful in even replacing the lost mailbox. However, there are the situations due to which users need to remove Database Availability Group Server from Exchange 2016. In the following section, we will discuss the need and way to remove Database Availability Group Server.

Remove Database Availability Group Server from Exchange 2016: Reason

Exchange Server offers the various set of features as well as functionalities for the data management. It also gives the most useful feature to remove Database Availability Mailbox Server from Exchange. Many times, there are situation arises where an organization needs to centralize everything on single Exchange Server for the better data management.
Moreover, as the cloud services are used by most of the organizations. Therefore, they move their complete data on 0365 for complete management of data on the cloud. Once they migrate their data to Office365. It is required to remove Database availability group server from Exchange.


There are some pre-requisites, which are required to follow before performing the procedure to remove database availability group Server.

  • Users need to be assigned the proper permissions before performing the process.
  • Before performing the operation, make sure that DAG is empty.
    To check the DAG is empty, then, follow the mentioned step:

    1. In the EAC, navigate to Servers then, choose Database Availability Groups. After that, the current DAG membership will be displayed in the Member Servers column.
    2. In the PowerShell, run the following command:
      Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup EXDAG | Format-List Servers

If the DAG is not empty then, run the following command:
Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer -Identity EXDAG -MailboxServer EXMBX -ConfigurationOnly

Technique to Remove Database Availability Group Server

There are two ways to remove database availability group server that is mentioned below:


  • Route to Servers then, choose database availability groups options.
  • Choose DAG, which is required to be removed >> click delete.
  • Choose yes option to confirm warning and continue the removing process.

Use PowerShell

For removing the Database Availability run the mentioned command in the PowerShell:
Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity EXDAG

For Removing Database Availability Group Server

Many times, users need to remove group from server then, they can run the mentioned command in PowerShell:
Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer -Identity EXDAG -MailboxServer EXMBX


Numerous of situation arises in front of users due to which they need to remove database availability group server from Exchange 2016. After understanding the user’s need, we have discussed a way to perform the operation of removing. If still, there is some issue then, feel free to put a comment below.