Remove Shared Mailbox from Exchange 2013 Using PowerShell Commands

Shini Mohan | Modified: August 13, 2016 | Exchange Server 2013, General Info | 2 Minutes Reading

This article is based on how to remove shared mailbox from Exchange 2013 using PowerShell Commands. As might know that the Shared mailboxes are specifically used by specific group and it’s have multiple users, who can receive, read and send emails. Shared mailbox has single generic email address like, to provide centralized way to the users for reading, sending and receiving emails. Remove Shared Mailbox from Exchange 2013
Whenever user sends any email from shared mailbox, the mail will be appears to be sent from shared mailbox not from the mailbox of individual user. The permission for accessing the shared mailbox is controlled by Exchange admin. Shared mailbox offers best suited for the departments such as customer service, help desk, human resource and printing service.

Remove Shared Mailbox from Exchange 2013 With PowerShell

Before discussing the method of removing shared mailboxes, firstly we will discuss about the concept of Automapping.
Automapping is a feature that was introduced in MS Outlook 2010 that will automatically map to mailbox for which a user has a full access. In addition, Autodiscover allows to have additional mailboxes for which the user has full access permission to be automatically opened in Outlook client.
The Autodiscover will automatically loads all the mailboxes for which user have full access in following cases:

  • If the user has full access to shared mailbox
  • If the admin allow full access for a user to access other user’s mailbox

with benefits, Automapping also have it’s disadvantages as it gives full access to others mailbox, therefore admin can also remove this permission with the help of Powershell cmdlet.

Command for Removing shared Mailboxes

Remove-MailboxPermission cmdlet enables admin to remove permission from user’s mailbox Remove Shared Mailbox from Exchange 2013
This will removes user A2’s access rights A1’s mailbox.
Cmdlet for avoiding full access Mailboxes from being Automapped Permission - Remove Shared Mailbox from Exchange 2013

with the help of above given Powershell cmdlet, one can avoid the situation when mailboxes get automapped.


As we saw that removing auto mapped shared mailbox from exchange server was not really tough task. It was just work for execution of some desired commands. Therefore at last we can conclude that the process to remove shared mailbox from Exchange 2013 by using commands running in Exchange Management Shell is really an interesting work.