Learn How to Export Calendar from Outlook to Excel

Tej Pratap Shukla | Published: July 18, 2016 | General Info | 3 Minutes Reading

This article is written to discuss about how to Export Calendar from Outlook to Excel. MS Outlook is the common email client service that is being used by number of organizations to manage their communication easily. Apart from email services, it provides various other features such as contacts, calendars, etc., which facilitates an efficient communication among the users. The calendar feature allows the users to create events for particular dates and organize the meetings with clients. The calendar entries can be used to generate reminders for the meetings or events. Therefore, it can be said that calendars assist in maintaining the proper schedule of users by maintaining log of various events. Moreover, the calendars can also be exported to different file format like MS Excel using in-built feature of MS Outlook.

Need To Export Calendar from Outlook to Excel

Most of the Outlook users make use of calendar for creating events regarding their regular schedules and meetings, which makes them easy to manage the tasks. However, there may be a situation where users may not able to access their Outlook account, leading to loss of their schedules and events marked on calendar. Therefore, it is advisable to export the calendar entries to MS Excel so that it can be accessed even in case of Outlook breakdown or inaccessibility.

Steps to Export Calendar From Outlook To Excel

Calendar can be easily exported from Outlook to MS Excel by using Outlook Import/Export wizard. It allows efficient export of outlook calendar into Excel.
The steps that need to be followed to export Calendar to Excel are:

  1. Open MS Outlook and navigate File > Open > Import1
  2. Select Export To a File under Choose an action to perform window and click on NextExport Calendar from Outlook to Excel
  3. Choose CSV (Comma Separated Value) file type and click on NextExport Calendar from Outlook to Excel
  4. Choose the calendar option under select folder to exportExport Calendar from Outlook to Excel
  5. Click on browse to choose the location of destination folder. Export Calendar from Outlook to Excel
  6. Click on Finish under the new pop-up being displayed on the screen. Export Calendar from Outlook to Excel - Finish
  7. User can specify the date range for which calendar needs to be exported under Set Date Rangeset date range - Export Calendar from Outlook to Excel
  8. Now the CSV file is created at the specified location. It can be opened in MS Excel to view the calendar.


The blog has been posted with an aim to discuss how to export calendar from Outlook to Excel. The stepwise method has been demonstrated to make it easy for user to understand the method involved. The calendar can be easily exported to Excel without installing any third party applications. Users are advised to maintain a copy of calendar in Excel to allow easy access of it even in case of Outlook failure.