How to Recover corrupted Exchange Server Mailboxes

Admin | October 20th, 2018 | Exchange Server, Recovery

We Know that Microsoft Outlook users use MS exchange account.  And when the Microsoft Outlook application synchronized with the Exchange server all the mailbox items such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar are synchronized with it automatically. Microsoft Exchange server stores the all the email data in EDB file also known as Exchange database file. The entire database of the Exchange server store in the EDB file. There are several reasons for the corruption of Exchange mailboxes. In case if corrupted database corruption of Exchange server can also disturb the client-server behavior. Due to this problem, the Microsoft Outlook may not be able to synchronize properly.

So in this article, we will discuss the reasons of corruption occur in the Exchange mailboxes and how to recover corrupted Exchange server mailboxes easily by using the manual and automated solution. Before going to the solution part first we will discuss why the user has to face the Exchange server mailbox corruption issue. Let’s start…

Reasons for Exchange Database Corruption

Many times the user has to face the EDB file corruption issue.  Any type of damage or corruption of this Exchange database file may lead to corruption of the exchange server. This causes immense inconvenience to the users. That’s the reason the user wants to know how to repair corrupted exchange server mailboxes. So here are the several reasons of EDB file corruption issue.

  1. Virus infection or any kind of Malware attack on the computer.
  2. Outlook and exchange connection issues.
  3. In the case of Exchange, database objects are missing.
  4. Presence of The bad sectors is responsible.
  5. Dirty shutdown / Improper system shutdown.
  6. Malfunctioning of the system applications.

Common Error Which leads to Exchange Database Corruption Problem

Here is the list of the common error of Exchange Database Corruption/Damaged issue

Error -501 (JET_errLogFileCorrupt): This user has to face this error due to the presence of some corrupted log files in the exchange server.

Error -533 (JET_errCheckpointCorrupt): This error message occurs in the case when the checkpoint files get deleted or damaged.

Error -1216 (JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch):  This error code prompts when the header information that is saved in the log files gets deleted or mismatched.

Dirty Shutdown State Exchange Error: This error occurs when the computer becomes closed while the log files are still in the cache memory.

Error -1601: The user has to face this error internal structure of STM files has been damaged or corrupted during the file recovery.

Due to all this issues and problems of EDB file corruption the user wants to recover damaged exchange mailboxes.

Manual Solution to know How to Recover Corrupted Exchange Server Mailboxes

Microsoft Provides ESEUTIL method to repair corrupted mailbox data. This is actually the primary technique to solve the exchange database corruption issue. This method corrects the corrupted or damaged database as the page level and table level. But not at the application level. The syntax of ESEUTYL command in repair mode.

ESEUTYL/P databasefile.edb

Once the user recovers the database command successfully. The user has to run the integrity check on the database to ensure that is consistent. For this, the user has to use a tool “ISInteg”

ISInteg -fix

Once the software finished its working, the user can save all the data with the help of exmerge and create a new blank database. After that, the user can again use exmerge to save all the data from PST into the newly created database.

Limitations of Manual method to Repair Damaged Exchange Server Mailboxes.

  • This process is a lengthy and complex process and it requires strong technical skills.
  • This tool requires a lot of free space to perform its operation.
  • The user will not be able to perform the recovery in case if the database is in dirty shutdown case.3
  • In case if the user will not be able to follow the above steps correctly then the user has to face data loss situations.

Expert Solution to Know How to Recover corrupted Exchange Server Mailboxes Quickly

In order to restore corrupted exchange server mailboxes, the user can prefer SysTools Exchange Recovery software. This utility helps to repair and recover exchange server mailboxes.
This software can easily recover all the emails, contacts, calendar and tasks, notes and journal from .edb files. The user can also recover Priv.edb and Pub.edb and STM files. With the help of this Exchange recovery software, the user can save exchange emails in PST / EML / MSG / HTML / file formats.

Follow the steps to recover damaged Exchange Server Mailbox Item

  1. Download and Install the software on your Machine.
  2. Click on Add file button to add the EDB file in the software.

  3. Preview the data of the EDB file.

  4. Click on Export Button to export the data in PST /MBOX/ EML/ MSG / Live exchange

5. Now click on the Export button to export the data.

Time to Wrap Up

From the above write up one can get the ideas how to recover corrupted exchange server mailboxes. In this article, we have discussed the reason why the user has to face exchange database corruption problem.  We have given the manual and expert solution how to restore damaged Exchange mailbox issue. The manual method has some limitations in that case the user can prefer SysTools Exchange recovery software to overcome the limitations of the manual approach