In-Place Archive Not Showing In Outlook 2013: Problem Resolved

Tej Pratap Shukla | Published: September 2, 2016 | Exchange Server 2013, Outlook | 4 Minutes Reading

In this article We are going to discuss about ‘In-Place Archive Not Showing In Outlook 2013’ by considering a scenario. So lets proceed.

Consider a following scenario:
Within my organization, I was working with Exchange where I could see a mailbox and an Archive mailbox as well, in MS Outlook 2013. Due to some reasons, I started working from my home and hence, now I am using Office 365 account by configuring it with my official account. But, the problem arose when I was able to see my account mailbox but not the archive mailbox of the Outlook account. Can anyone suggest me a solution so that I can see archive mailbox from home as well

The In-place Archive mailbox is available either in Office Professional Plus license products or desktop-based Outlook applications (Outlook 2007, 2010,2013, and 2016) installed on machine. Apart from these application, no other applications will provide you access to Exchange Online Archive mailbox.

Learn About Archive Mailbox to Fix In-Place Archive Not Showing In Outlook 2013 Issue

  • Except Kiosk plans, every Exchange Online plans contain an in-place email archive folder
  • By default, this mailbox folder is disable for all Outlook users and an administrator will have to enable it, if they want to gain access of it.
  • The contents of this mailbox is stored only on cloud; not on the local machine
  • The size of in-place Archive mailbox varies according to the plans. If the plan is Exchange Online Plan 1 (Business, and E1), then it will provide a storage limit of 50 GB. Moreover, if it uses Exchange Online Plan 2 (E3, E4), then you have an unlimited storage in archive mailbox.

Approaches To Enable In-place Archive In Outlook 2013

You can enable the mailbox with help of Exchange admin portal or cmdlets of PowerShell to resolve the error ‘In-Place Archive Not Showing In Outlook 2013’.

Using Exchange Admin Portal

  1. Enter Admin Email/Phone number and password on to enter into Office 365 account.
  2. From the left-hand side of window, click on Exchange option 1
  3. Now click on Recipients >> mailboxes option. Now highlight the user account on which in-place archive mailbox is to be enabled 2
  4. From right-hand side of window, select Enable option under In-Place Archive section 3
  5. Now a warning message window will appear in front of you. In this window, click on Yes button to continue 4
  6. Perform log-out procedure on the Admin account and then wait for several minutes
  7. Login into your Office 365 account and you will find a new folder (on LHS) 5
  8. Now open Outlook 2013 on your machine. From folders list, you will find an online archive folder 6

The archive mailbox is now enabled in your Outlook account and one can drag & drop items into this folder. Moreover, according to email policies, users can utilize that folder wherever required.

Using PowerShell Command

Users can also enable the Archive mailbox with help of Exchange PowerShell commands to resolve the error ‘In-Place Archive Not Showing In Outlook 2013’. To learn the procedure, go through following set of commands:

  • Execute the following command: 7
  • For enabling online Archive in entire account mailboxes, execute following command: 8
  • For enabling archive folder only on usermailboxes, execute following command: 9
  • When there is successful operation of enabling archive folder, the default retention policy is applied to the mailbox. Moreover, to change the value of retention policy on a specific folder, execute the following command: 10


As we have discussed about the topic ‘In-Place Archive Not Showing In Outlook 2013’. Now days it has become a general problem for most of Outlook users. Therefore I thought to write this article. I have written this article in a procedural way by taking a scenario. I have also mentioned the steps for enabling the In-Place Archive in Outlook 2013 using Exchange Admin Center as well as PowerShell Commands.

One can move to Office 365 Business Premium and use Outlook 2013 on the desktop. The problem that ‘In-Place Archive Not Showing In Outlook 2013’ is now resolved and also it is very easy to perform such changes. If all steps are performed well, then without any trouble you will be able to enable this Archive mailbox on Outlook.

Tej Pratap Shukla