Recover Deleted Exchange Emails Using Search Mailbox Command

Powershell Command always helps Exchange Administrator not only recover deleted Exchange emails items but also to Search Mailbox stored in Exchange 2016/13/10/07 Database and move to desired mailbox or location. This Powershell Syntax cam solves you searching issues in various scenarios which we deal in below scenarios.

Search-Mailbox is a command, which can be used for searching and repairing the mail items of the Exchange Server. The newer version of this cmdlet is New-mailbox search. Both of these commands are able to recover deleted mail item and search in multiple mailboxes and locate Recover Exchange database Mailbox items to desired mailboxes.

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Origin of the Search-Mailbox Command- Need of Powershell Cmdlet?

An option to perform multiple mailbox searches was enabled for the first time in Exchange 2010. This was done by using a cmdlet of Search-Mailbox. With the advent of Exchange 2013, the phrase “Multiple mailbox search was taken over by the clause- “In place eDiscovery & hold.” The in-place eDiscovery & hold equips a user with more features and capabilities, which is in accordance with a new PowerShell command called New-MailboxSearch.

Since, New-MailboxSearch command of Exchange 2013/10  more advanced or newer, it can be said that it will contain some extra capabilities in addition to the older version i.e. Search-Mailbox. But, the truth is there are still some features which were present in the older version, but absent in New-MailboxSearch.

  1. Search and delete (search and destroyed)
  2. Search scope- folder based

How to Recover Deleted Exchange Emails Items Using Search-Mailbox Command?

To recover back mails information using Search Command, you need to follow the complete procedure that divided in two Phase as it lit bit time-consuming process.

Phase 1: Here, the cmdlet starts to extract the mailboxes that a user has specified and starts searching for mailboxes which are the answer to the query of users.

Phase 2: In this step, the cmdlet completely fetches the mail items and copy them to the destination location of a mailbox. The destination mailbox could be any mailbox that a user chooses.
Parameters of Search-Mailbox Command – Needed to Recover Deleted Exchange Emails Items.

Before using the Search-Mailbox PowerShell cmdlets, some essential parameters or information known by Exchange Administrator.

  • A single or multiple mailboxes that are to be searched, a user has to mention the name of at least one “source mailbox”.
  • A search query parameter- this parameter can be very simple or complicated. Also, the search can be restricted based on date range, any particular folder or keyword, etc.
  • The destination mailbox- this mailbox will act as a container for those email items which will consist of the search results.
  • The name of the folder which will act as a “host” for the copy of search results. This folder will comprise the copy matching the search results.

User Search Mailbox Commands in Exchange – On Different Scenarios

Scenario 1: A user wants to search and recover deleted Exchange emails items which match the following parameters:

  • Mails which are saved in any particular Exchange user mailbox
  • In addition, generate a detailed log (LogLevelFull)
  • Copy the mail items from recoverable item folder to discovery search mailbox.
  • Emails which are present in the Recoverable Items folder (SearchDumpsterOnly)

PowerShell Command: Search-Mailbox -SearchDumpsterOnly -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder -LogLevel Full

Scenario 2: In this case, a user doesn’t want to recover deleted Exchange emails items of Exchange Mailbox but only want a detailed report of emails which are present in the recoverable items folder. It is needed only to search and not to recover which matches the following parameters:

  • Mails which are saved in any particular Exchange user mailbox
  • Emails which are present in the Recoverable Items folder (SearchDumpsterOnly)
  • Generate a report of deleted items.

PowerShell Command:  Search-Mailbox -SearchDumpsterOnly -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder -LogLevel Full – LogOnly

Scenario 3: When an Exchange Administrator wants to Search and Retrieve mail items which match the following parameters:

  • Mail items are stored in a precise Exchange user mailbox
  • Items which include a peculiar text string.
  • Recover deleted exchange emails which consist of a specific text (body as well as subject)

PowerShell Command: Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery “” -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder -LogLevel Full

Scenario 4:
This particular case delete with the Mail items to be searched should match the following criteria:
Emails which are saved in a particular Exchange user mailbox

  • A particular element- only calendar mail items
  • Mail items which are present in the recoverable items folder (SearchDumpsterOnly)
  • Retrieve only deleted calendar items.

PowerShell Command:  Search-Mailbox -SearchDumpsterOnly -SearchQuery “Kind:” -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder -LogLevel Full

Bringing It All Together

Search Mailbox Command In Exchange 2010/07  is a PowerShell cmdlet in Exchange Server, which is used not only to recover deleted exchange emails but also used to generate a report of search parameter given by Exchange Administrator. According to different condition and need, a user can go for the above commands with different parameter. In order to recover permanently deleted Exchange mailbox emails and other data items from offline/dismounted Exchange database file, for that users can use the advanced software mentioned here which easily recovers hard deleted Exchange mailboxes and data items without any loss of data in a hassle freeway.