Recover Deleted Exchange Emails Using Search Mailbox Command

Powershell Command always helps Exchange Administrator not only recover deleted Exchange emails items but also to Search Mailbox stored in Exchange 2016/13/10/07 Database and move to desired mailbox or location. This Powershell Syntax cam solves you searching issues in various scenarios which we deal in below scenarios.

Search-Mailbox is a command, which can be used for searching and repairing the mail items of the Exchange Server. The newer version of this cmdlet is New-mailbox search. Both of these commands are able to recover deleted mail item and search in multiple mailboxes and locate Recover Exchange Mailbox items to desired mailboxes.

Origin of the Search-Mailbox Command- Need of Powershell Cmdlet?

An option to perform multiple mailbox searches was enabled for the first time in Exchange 2010. This was done by using a cmdlet of Search-Mailbox. With the advent of Exchange 2013, the phrase “Multiple mailbox search was taken over by the clause- “In place eDiscovery & hold.” The in-place eDiscovery & hold equips a user with more features and capabilities, which is in accordance with a new PowerShell command called New-MailboxSearch.

Since, New-MailboxSearch command of Exchange 2013/10  more advanced or newer, it can be said that it will contain some extra capabilities in addition to the older version i.e. Search-Mailbox. But, the truth is there are still some features which were present in the older version, but absent in New-MailboxSearch.

  1. Search and delete (search and destroyed)
  2. Search scope- folder based

How to Recover Deleted Exchange Emails Items Using Search-Mailbox Command?

To recover back mails information using Search Command, you need to follow the complete procedure that divided in two Phase as it lit bit time-consuming process.

Phase 1: Here, the cmdlet starts to extract the mailboxes that a user has specified and starts searching for mailboxes which are the answer to the query of users.

Phase 2: In this step, the cmdlet completely fetches the mail items and copy them to the destination location of a mailbox. The destination mailbox could be any mailbox that a user chooses.
Parameters of Search-Mailbox Command – Needed to Recover Deleted Exchange Emails Items.

Before using the Search-Mailbox PowerShell cmdlets, some essential parameters or information known by Exchange Administrator.

  • A single or multiple mailboxes that are to be searched, a user has to mention the name of at least one “source mailbox”.
  • A search query parameter- this parameter can be very simple or complicated. Also, the search can be restricted based on date range, any particular folder or keyword, etc.
  • The destination mailbox- this mailbox will act as a container for those email items which will consist of the search results.
  • The name of the folder which will act as a “host” for the copy of search results. This folder will comprise the copy matching the search results.

User Search Mailbox Commands in Exchange – On Different Scenarios

Scenario 1: A user wants to search and recover deleted Exchange emails items which match the following parameters:

  • Mails which are saved in any particular Exchange user mailbox
  • In addition, generate a detailed log (LogLevelFull)
  • Copy the mail items from recoverable item folder to discovery search mailbox.
  • Emails which are present in the Recoverable Items folder (SearchDumpsterOnly)

PowerShell Command: Search-Mailbox -SearchDumpsterOnly -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder -LogLevel Full

Scenario 2: In this case, a user doesn’t want to recover deleted Exchange emails items of Exchange Mailbox but only want a detailed report of emails which are present in the recoverable items folder. It is needed only to search and not to recover which matches the following parameters:

  • Mails which are saved in any particular Exchange user mailbox
  • Emails which are present in the Recoverable Items folder (SearchDumpsterOnly)
  • Generate a report of deleted items.

PowerShell Command:  Search-Mailbox -SearchDumpsterOnly -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder -LogLevel Full – LogOnly

Scenario 3: When an Exchange Administrator wants to Search and Retrieve mail items which match the following parameters:

  • Mail items are stored in a precise Exchange user mailbox
  • Items which include a peculiar text string.
  • Recover deleted exchange emails which consist of a specific text (body as well as subject)

PowerShell Command: Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery “” -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder -LogLevel Full

Scenario 4:
This particular case delete with the Mail items to be searched should match the following criteria:
Emails which are saved in a particular Exchange user mailbox

  • A particular element- only calendar mail items
  • Mail items which are present in the recoverable items folder (SearchDumpsterOnly)
  • Retrieve only deleted calendar items.

PowerShell Command:  Search-Mailbox -SearchDumpsterOnly -SearchQuery “Kind:” -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder -LogLevel Full

Search Mailbox Command In Exchange 2010/07  is a PowerShell cmdlet in Exchange Server, which is used not only to recover deleted exchange emails but also used to generate a report of search parameter given by Exchange Administrator. According to different condition and need, a user can go for the above commands with different parameter.