Deleted Mailbox not Showing in Disconnected Mailbox In Exchange 2010 / 2013 / 2016

In Exchange Server, hundreds of user can be added or removed according to work. Even Sometimes we completed disabled or disconnected the mailboxes from the Exchange Server and a list of all disconnected displayed in Exchange Server. But sometimes due to unknown reason Exchange Administrator not able to view the disconnected Deleted mailboxes in Exchange.

Since various scenarios occur when an administrator needs to reconnect these mailboxes into Exchange Server again. But user not able to view the deleted mailboxes list that creates issues. Some user Queries and Scenarios are given below:

    • Query 1: Using Exchange 2010 from last six months recently, remove some mailboxes but “Disconnected Mailboxes” do not appear in the container. Now want to restore the mailboxes again, is this possible or not. If yes, then How? Try the Command ” Get-Mailbox statistics -Server EXCH-MBX-01” but not getting details?
    • Query 2: Hey, Try to restore the “Disable mailboxes from the Disconnect mailboxes container, Try to restart the IIS [ Information Service Store ] and AD Active directly but mailboxes not appeared.

As We can whether don’t the correct command to view the disappeared mailboxes or don’t not the correct approach to fix this issue, So below section deal with the proper explanation of the Error and Command that can help inexperience Exchange Administrator.

Why Deleted Mailbox not showing in disconnected In Exchange 2010 / 2007

    • This Issues common in Exchange 2010 Version as the user try to delete the old Exchange version mailboxes of 2003 and 2007 versions.
    • When Mailboxes Deleted in an Incorrect way lead to disappear in Disconnected Mailbox

View Disconnected Deleted Mailbox of Exchange 2013 /2010/ 2007

Exchange Offer Powershell Command “ Clean-MailboxDatabase ” to view the disappear mailboxes. This Command will scan the disconnected mailboxes into the Active Directory and also update the user mailboxes status.

Note: Before using this command, you need to stop the Microsoft Exchange Information Service and Database should not be mounted.

Command Syntax: Clean-MailboxDatabase [-Identity] [-Confirm] [-DomainController ] [-WhatIf] []

For Example: Clean-MailboxDatabase MBD01 and Refresh the Disconnect Mailboxes Page to view the mailboxes.

What Happen if Command Clean-MailboxDatabase Doesn’t Work?

After running the command, if you still not able to view the mailboxes then you can go for specific commands for mailboxes. For Example:

get-mailbox statistics -database “Mailbox Database” |where{$_.DisconnectDate -ne $null}| FL

And, if you want to view the list of  Disconnected mailbox on Specific Server then use the command:

Get-Mailboxstatistics -Server EXCH-MBX-01 | Where-Object { $_.DisconnectDate -ne $null } | FL


Using the right commands can help you fix the common issues regarding Deleted Mailbox not showing in disconnected In Exchange 2013, 2010 and 2007 versions. As Power-shell command available such as Clean-MailboxDatabase but some precaution or condition should be followed to view all Databases.